Ireland 2020

In November of 2020 the Steel City Rovers will be travelling to Ireland to enjoy a guided tour and you can join them in the fun! Tour the Emerald Isle with the band members and other Rovers fans as we all rove together! Look ahead and plan now if you would like to be a part of this very special journey.

Here is More Detail

SCR Ireland Itinerary 2020 - Click to view the detailed plan for the Steel City Rovers Ireland Trip, November 1st-8th 2020. Though the details are subject to change, this document provides a picture of many of the concrete elements of the day-to-day experience that can be expected. 272 KB

How to Join the Trip

This is all made possible by Hammond Tours who organize these tours with efficiency, enjoyment and safety in mind at all times. They are the ones to book your trip with and the experienced experts who will answer any questions you may have, but still do drop us a line and let us know if you decide that you are going to join us on this remarkable adventure!