Educational Programming

"What has impressed me is that they are incredible performers and fantastic teachers with a strong desire to encourage budding musicians, young and old alike.  From my experience, seldom do these two qualities go hand-in-hand as seamlessly as they do for the Steel City Rovers."

- Kelly M. Smith, AD, Celtic Classic, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Music is meant for sharing. The Celtic tradition was largely an oral one, passed along though countless gatherings around hearths, tables and impromptu social spaces. One of our greatest joys is found not only performing, but in collectively examining and unpacking the intricacies of how our music is constructed and how our Celtic heritage is woven throughout this delightful medium.

We offer educational workshops, seminars and master classes in individual instruments, performance, composition, historical context and a variety of related subjects of interest. The Steel City Rovers combine and draw on the collective wealth of knowledge from several lifetimes' worth of professional musicianship and we believe in the value of fostering the love and knowledge of music in both new and casual players.

We can often be seen leading educational presentations as an on-site compliment to our performance at an event at which we are a featured or headlining act. We are adaptable to a variety of contexts such as schools, colleges, festivals, camps, workshops, churches and private occasions. Contact us for more information on how we can come and share what we know in a way that is relevant to the experience level of the attendees, students or constituents of your specific situation.