Music by Ryan McKenna and Mark Fletcher (SOCAN)
Lyrics by Ryan McKenna (SOCAN)
Arranged by Steel City Rovers
Recorded Live in Stratford, ON and mixed by John Hazen
Pre-Mastered by Bob Kalmusky
Mastered by Peter Letros at Wreckhouse Mastering, Toronto, Canada


I have grace. I have wit.
I am crazed by the Seven Beer Itch.
Let's get tight. Let's get lit.
I just might have the Seven Beer Itch.

Well, I struck a perfect match for my Seven Beer Itch.
She's the only one to scratch my Seven Beer Itch.

It's fun to do and Two.
It's you and me and Three.
Let's just free pour and Four.
I feel more alive and Five.
I thrive on this and Six.
I think she's mixing me a beverage.
Seven. Seven. I can't wait to snatch her bait.

Bang on the table. Pass the delicious.
My Little Lady gives me tasty little kisses.
I'll keep up while I'm able. Her stamina is vicious.
Seven Rounds with her would be incredibly ambitious.

I got the Seven Beer Itch.

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