Music and Lyrics by Ryan McKenna
Copyright 2018
Recorded at Juskasa Recording Studios, Caledonia, Ontario, Canada.
(SOCAN, 100% MAPL)
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Darren "Jeter" Magierowski and Jill Zimmermann
Lead Vocals: Ryan McKenna
BGV: Joel McKenna
Mandola: Mark Fletcher
Fiddle: David Neigh
Guitar: Joel McKenna
Banjo: Scooter Muse
Drums: Danno O'Shea
Standup Bass: Ross MacIntyre


There it goes.
The old familiar tingle.
A storm approaches.
Beyond the horizon.
I know before anybody knows.
I can feel it in my bones.

Like Sudden Sunshowers
Come the cravings.
Sudden Sunshowers
Of memories.
Like Sudden Sunshowers
I'm contemplating
All of you
And all of me
Occupied in our privacy forever.

So it goes.
I'm a storm chaser.
There is no negotiating
With forces of nature.
I go so to get my body close.
Feel it drenching my bones.

Stop the show.
I may lose my composure.
Living all alone without you
I could die of exposure.
I grow impatient for you though.
Won't you come rattle my bones?

-Through all our lives and eternity
Through all the trials of our history
False Fairytales and Fools' Fantasies
All I want is all of you and all of me
Occupied in our privacy forever.

Lyrics by Ryan McKenna

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