1. Not the Devil


She took ballet. One look at those legs will tell you.
She'll clear a ballroom floor like it was 1932.
Now, I am clumsy, awkward and lumpy.
But I forgot when I took a shot.

It's not the Devil who's got the upper hand.
Don't be careful. Your wish is your command.
Just give it a little Soul.
Let the music take control.
Loving is forever when you dance.
Loving is forever when you dance.

Your hands go here.
I'll follow where you lead me.
And your hips go there.
They'll know what to do.
When I got it she applauded.
I never knew I could move so quick and smooth.

I am so excited by her curves and lines.
We are so delighted that our faces shine.
I am so invited to make her mine.
All mine.

They taught me young that I would not deserve this.
To know such fun, there was no such thing.
Now I'm dancing with abandon.
And this Love of mine has frozen time.

© 2014 Ryan McKenna