Brother Adam. Sister Eve.
Stood uncovered and proud as you please.
With one bite they ceased to be blissfully blind to double-edged devilry.

And the Devil say it's all God's fault that Man got knowledge of the single malt.
It was locked away in Heaven's vault.
Now we all got knowledge of the single malt.

It's called the creature. It's called the water of life.
Make you love your neighbour and do bad things to your wife.
Earth and fire and ecstasy combust inside your mouth.
And then it will confuse you and impress you and improve you and spill your secrets out.

The starving man ate the oyster.
The crazy man ate the egg.
An inventive and sentimental man put barley in a keg.
But a reckless kind of madness said let's blend Heaven and Hell,
Good and evil and angel and a demon and a weasel and mix 'em all in a still.

Brother Adam. Sister Eve.
Shivered covered and huddled and humbled as you please.
Never rested. Never relieved.
Forever wrestling with this double-edged devilry.

© 2014 Ryan McKenna