From the recording Grand Misadventures (mp3)

"Guinness For Two"
Written by Ryan McKenna (SOCAN)
Arranged by Steel City Rovers
Recorded by Jeff Pelletier at Phase One Studios, Toronto, Canada
Mastered by Peter Letros at Wreckhouse Mastering, Toronto, Canada


Here and now we are less than we were nearly yesterday.
Death is a mystery to those left behind.
So we offer a chorus to those gone before us
And one in particular shines.

So I'll say hello to the girls that you know
And they'll laugh 'till they cry over stories of you.
At a table for one I'll recall all you've done
And I'll finish my Guinness for Two

Away! Oh, Away!
A glass for one away.
Today! Oh, Today!
The past is done today.

Well, they say when you lose any limb you could choose
Surely you feel it but surely it's gone.
In the same way we know up above we'll be whole
And our grand misadventures go on.

Though I miss you like burning, I don't wish your returning
For you have gone on to joy evermore
And I'll follow you soon for a life is a tune
And together we'll sing the encore.