From the recording Grand Misadventures (mp3)

"Moment of Time"
Written by Ryan McKenna (SOCAN)
Arranged by Steel City Rovers
Recorded by Jeff Pelletier at Phase One Studios, Toronto, Canada
Mastered by Peter Letros at Wreckhouse Mastering, Toronto, Canada


Let's talk. Let's wander.
Let's borrow each other a while.
Let's leave. Let's go somewhere.
Let's reclaim our old sense of style.

No, I don't have a moment of time. (x4)

Today and tomorrow.
Yesterday and evermore.
Yes, I make my obligations
And neglect my joy like a chore.

Before work my preoccupation
Is to set up more work when I'm done.
In a flash of defenestration
My reprieve is the breeze and the sun.